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Scotia Vehicle Inspection


Clutch/ Transmission

Fuel System

Body Exterior

Wheels & Tyres

Exhaust System

Electrical Controls

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Pre / Post Purchase

Scotia Vehicle Inspection will provide a suitably qualified engineer that will carefully assess the vehicle structure, bodywork, mechanical components, road-worthiness, extras, fittings, trims, electrical components and cosmetic appearance.

Corporate Services

We carry out inspections and provide high quality reports for:

Vehicle Merchantable Quality
Pre/Post Contract / Lease Inspections
Component / unit mechanical failure assessment

Assessment of vehicles for Operator abuse / misuse / damage
Mechanical Breakdown Insurance / Extended Warranty claims assessment

Reports for “Fair wear and tear”
Auditing and verification of repairs / maintenance charges.
Post accident repair

All our reports are tailored to your requirements

Van / Motorhome inspection

The Van / Motorhome inspection service provides a fully comprehensive inspection of the vehicle to determine its current condition and integrity. A road test will complete the inspection on all but inappropriate vehicles.

All our reports are tailored to your requirements

About Scotia Inspection

We at Scotia Vehicle Inspections offer one of the most comprehensive and expert used vehicle inspection in the UK. Whether you’re looking at purchasing a second-hand/used vehicle and require a vehicle inspection, or need a specialised inspection for arbitration or accident related reasons, our suitably qualified engineers can provide a thorough and professional vehicle inspection service on all cars and vans.

We have a team of dedicated, enthusiastic, independent consultant motor engineers, with many of them having either worked for the RAC-AA or Dekra in the past for many years, they are fully qualified and experienced to provide high quality, used vehicle inspection reports or unbiased engineers reports on vehicles and their components.

Should you need car or vehicle inspection to assist in the resolution of a repair dispute with a manufacturer, service provider, warranty company, insurer or repairer, who has either refused or failed to address your concerns to your satisfaction, an engineer can.

Our Services & Offers


Inclusive Plus Inspection - from £159

See our services and pricing page for details.


Inclusive Inspections - from £99

See our services and pricing page for details.


Van Inclusive Inspections - From £140

See our services and pricing page for details.


Van/ Motorhome Inclusive Plus Inspection - From £180

See our services and pricing page for details.


Component Reports - from £160.00

See our services and pricing page for details.


Engineers Report - from £180.00

See our services and pricing page for details.


Road test and report (single defect) - £95.00

See our services and pricing page for details.

  • Body Reports
  • Mechanical Reports
  • Interior reports
  • Exterior Reports
  • Road Tests

- Michael Angel

I would recommend Scotia to prospective buyers of motorhomes. The office administration is business-like and efficient. But perhaps more importantly, the mechanical inspection ( by Nigel Heston ) was invaluable in its detail and clarity. The report was a worthwhile investment that could well save you a lot of expense.

- Charlie Johnson

I cannot thank Scotia Vehicle Inspection enough for their help and exceptionally quick response to our initial request.
From first email, subsequent phone calls their professionalism shone through and was very reassuring to my son and I.
I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Scotia to anyone looking for their services.
Many, many thanks to all the team

- Ella Turner

Impressive, thorough report and the engineer took the time to also call straight away which was very reassuring. Excellent service – prompt, friendly and professional. I feel very well informed about the vehicle.

- Mr Johnston

Mr. Johnston purchased a vehicle from Arnold Clark that had previously suffered major accident damage. Mr Johnston quoted as saying, “if it wasn’t for James getting Which Car Magazine involved we would never have got our money back.. Well done Scotia”
Click HERE to view the article from Which Magazine.


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