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Women shy away from used car dealers!

Women shy away from used car dealers!

Women shy away from used car dealers!

A survey of customers by has found that women don’t enjoy buying or selling their cars and think that they are ‘ripped off’ by motor dealers.

CarEnquiry is a specialist website that was created to provide a safe and simple environment for the public to buy and sell cars.

“Just under 40% of enquiries to the site come from women,” said Paul Boddington, founder of CarEnquiry. “We have been collating feedback about their experience with CarEnquiry for the last three months.”

“Overwhelmingly, the women who responded report that they enjoyed receiving a variety of deals online without having to interact with dealers face-to-face,” said Mr Boddington.

“The most common reason given for using the site is that they don’t feel they are offered the most competitive deals in car showrooms.”

UK car retailer Quicks discovered a similar story from their customers. They discovered that more than 50% of women customers said that they were unsatisfied with the offers they had received from dealers and more than 40% said they would not enter a showroom without a male companion.

“Increasingly, women make the decision on what car to buy in the household. It is clear that the majority of women don’t like the car buying experience and that many women feel they are treated differently by sales people, who seem to be trying to take advantage of them,” said Katie Martin, of Quicks.

Mr Boddington said that CarEnquiry provided the perfect environment for women car buyers.

“They can stipulate as many features and ask as many questions as they like online about their intended vehicle and they will only receive offers from accredited dealers for that vehicle. They can then take as long as they like deciding if it is the correct deal for them,” explained Mr Boddington.

“No more stress, no pressure and it’s an absolutely free service!” he said.

About was established in 2009, by Paul Boddington, who has 20 years experience in the motor trade.

The public can buy and sell used cars on safe in the knowledge that the site only works with accredited dealers. This distances the public from the major problems involved with used cars such as: cloning, stolen cars, cars with remaining finance, unreliable millage or unconfirmed history.


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